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Eureka! Alum Grace Nominated for a Posse Scholarship

By YWCA Minneapolis
June 22, 2023
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Last year, The Posse Foundation partnered with YWCA Minneapolis Girls and Youth Department. The foundation is a national organization identifying public high school students with extraordinary academic and leadership potential who traditional college selection processes may overlook. This allows students to pursue personal and academic excellence by placing them in supportive, multicultural teams — “Posses” — of ten students. The foundation’s partner colleges and universities in Minnesota award Posse Scholars full-tuition leadership scholarships to Macalester College. Our partnership consists of nominating young people currently in the 11th grade for this extraordinary opportunity, and we currently have five nomination slots each year.

Identifying Young Leaders

Posse follows a dynamic assessment process, a unique evaluation method that identifies young leaders with great potential. This process includes individual and group interviews to determine the ten students for the Posse. Once selected, the ten young people undergo pre-collegiate training from January through August before starting college. When they begin college, there is a campus program to help with the retention of Posse Scholars, which includes regular meetings with Posse staff and an annual weekend-long retreat. As they approach graduation, they have access to the career program, which has five components. They have access to internships, career development workshops, career coaching, graduate/fellowship program and the alumni network.

Our Very Own Grace

We were thrilled that out of over 150 applicants, one of our nominees was selected last year. Grace, who just graduated from our 5-year Girls Inc. Eureka! Program this spring, is on her way with her Posse to Macalester in the fall! Grace is excited to have a group where she feels supported as she embarks on this new chapter and is thankful for the financial burden lifted from her family. We look forward to our new nominations for next year’s Posse this summer!

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