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There’s ALWAYS Something New to Learn — Q&A with Veronica

By YWCA Minneapolis
December 20, 2022
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When did you first become a member?

I came to know YWCA Downtown from my walks around Minneapolis. I always passed by it and thought, “I should try it out sometime!” From there, I became a member in 2014, as did my husband and one-year-old son. At that point, we had only lived in Minneapolis for one year, and I was drawn to YWCA Minneapolis as I liked to use the pool and would take the workout classes offered — mainly Zumba, yoga and Nia.

How has YWCA Minneapolis supported your workout routine?

In November 2020, I suffered a debilitating stroke. It came out of nowhere while I was hiking and suddenly, I tumbled to the ground. I spent five days in the hospital and discovered that it was caused by a blood disorder called anti-phospholipid syndrome. After just turning 40 a few months prior, I was shocked to be having a stroke so young. My right arm was like spaghetti, plus I had a complete loss of muscle in my leg. This was when I started an intensive series of physical and occupational therapy, and my recovery was SO fast! It was like a miracle!

Before I knew it, I was back doing burpees in a couple of weeks and dancing Zumba with YWCA Minneapolis! I’ve always had that fighting spirit and am pleased I kept going.

During this time, YWCA Minneapolis helped my family tremendously with the option of virtual classes! Everyone in my family could stay fit and in contact with their favorite instructors & friends. I got to try out classes I’d never done before, such as HIIT, Barre, Pilates and Chisel, to name a few! I gained strength and tone that I’ve never had before!

What do you like most about exercising with us?

While I like taking in-person classes, I LOVE the virtual classes offered. I appreciate the instructors being right in front of me, as it helps me to see the exercises, moves and choreography during Zumba. I’ve improved my technique for different classes!

I love being a fitness member! Not only do I like the wide range of classes they offer, but I’ve met most of my Minnesotan friends through YWCA Minneapolis!

Do you have any advice for others on staying healthy and active?

It may seem difficult at the time, but it is essential to remain positive! I’ve certainly had a lot of ups and downs during recovery, both physically and mentally. But looking back, those joyous moments got me through and continue to do so. It’s been a dark two years, and I think exercise, hiking and fresh air are an elixir for the soul! I love my YWCA classes and the new things I have learned to do through them. There’s always something new to learn.

I’d like to thank the instructors who have been with me on my road to recovery, even if they didn’t know it. There’s so much more I could share about my experience. One thing is for sure; I will never forget how lucky I am and will be grateful forever.

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