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Volunteers Help Make YWCA Women’s Triathlon Great

By Rachael Weiker, race director, YWCA Women’s Triathlon
July 25, 2018
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Volunteers at YWCA Women’s Triathlon are truly an essential key in providing a smooth race-day experience for both racers and their supporters. Volunteers are the main points-of-contact for racers’ early arrival in the morning through packing up after finishing. Chris Halloran has volunteered at all 10 YWCA Women’s Triathlons. He plays an integral part in making YWCA Women’s Triathlon so successful and helps keep racers coming back each year.

A Passion for Racers

Chris attended a YWCA Triathlon Skills clinic in 2009 and was so impressed with the race team’s genuine passion for fostering training and race environments that are supportive, inclusive and uplifting, he decided to volunteer. It’s this passion for the racers and entire event that keeps Chris coming back year after year. “I believe these qualities and values are what continue to set YWCA Women’s Triathlon ahead of other race events, and I’m thankful and proud to be part of this fantastic team!”

Triathlon Experience Not Required!

For anyone not familiar with YWCA Women’s Triathlon and thinking of volunteering, Chris has some advice. “I can appreciate that getting involved can be quite intimidating to consider, especially if you are not very familiar with how triathlons work. Please do not let that be a barrier! There’s no requirement to know much about triathlons or this specific race ahead of time. A lead volunteer will tell you everything you need to know, and he/she will be more than happy to answer any questions.”

A Fun Way to be a Part of the Excitement

Volunteering is a fun way to be involved with the race, be a part of the excitement and add to the supportive, welcoming environment. There are a variety of roles to play as a volunteer! There are opportunities for noodle swimmers, body-markers, bike rider support and more.

Please come join us to volunteer in August – you’ll have a fun and rewarding time!
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