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Volunteers Make It Possible: Megan’s Story

By YWCA Minneapolis
April 20, 2020
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Monday, April 20, 2020

This week marks Volunteer Appreciation Week, a time to celebrate volunteers and the huge contributions they make to our communities. Now more than ever, people helping others is worth celebrating. YWCA volunteers make a lot of things possible – they are mentors for youth, they facilitate difficult discussions around race and racism, they help our races run seamlessly and so much more.

Our volunteers are dedicated, generous and passionate people and we are grateful for their support! To celebrate volunteers this week, we are highlighting one amazing volunteer, Megan Thompson.

Fitness Member and Triathlete Turned Volunteer

Megan is a fitness member and triathlete who decided to get more involved with YWCA Minneapolis by volunteering.

Megan says she first considered volunteering because she ran into Rachael, the Women’s Triathlon Race Director at the time, making a video on the track at YWCA Midtown. “She told me that it was for the volunteer videos for the upcoming indoor triathlons,” says Megan. “I went home to sign up to volunteer right away and even got my mom to volunteer too!”

Megan and YWCA Engagement Director, Rachael

Counting Laps & Having a Blast

Megan has since volunteered at the YWCA’s indoor triathlons and Women’s Triathlon. As a race volunteer, Megan has helped with transition areas, the bike station and counted laps. “I helped at packet pickup last August and that was a blast! I was chatting people up, making sure they were at ease and offering an encouraging word too!” says Megan.

YWCA volunteers, Megan and her mom

Feeling a Part of YWCA’s Community

Megan says volunteering gave her the opportunity to get to know more people and actually learn people’s names; it’s helped her feel more a part of YWCA’s community:

“I am a fairly social person, but the locker room isn’t the greatest place to meet people! After one of the triathlons, I was waiting on my mom in the locker room when an athlete I recently had gotten to know was like, That is your mom, she’s just so sweet! It really came full circle for me. Volunteering offered a way to engage with more people beyond those I run into during regular workout routine.”

Leveraging Volunteer Skills with Service Enterprise

service enterprise point of light certified logo

YWCA Minneapolis recently earned a Service Enterprise certification, which is awarded to organizations that leverage volunteers and their skills to successfully deliver on its social mission. Certified organizations have integrated volunteers deeply into their strategic plan and organizational infrastructure, allowing them to reduce costs, and increase efficiency and effectiveness in providing services to fulfill their mission. As a result, volunteers change the core of the organization for the better!

Join Our Community of Do-ers and Changemakers!

Our work is fueled by the people who believe in our mission and put their values into action. Each year, people in our community give 8,000+ volunteer hours to advance our mission and make our life-changing programs and events happen. Join our thriving community of do-ers and changemakers!

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