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Voting Guide, Simplified! #Yvote

By YWCA Minneapolis
September 15, 2022
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Are you on the voting rolls?
Don’t know?
Want to be sure?
Find out here.
Or at your local (county) elections office.

Not registered?
Register online, by mail, or at the polls — during early voting or on Election Day!

  • Tuesday, Sept. 20 – National Voter Registration Day!
  • Tuesday, Oct. 18 – Last day to register in advance for the election in Minnesota.
  • Tuesday, Nov. 8 – Election Day! Missed advance registration? Register at the polls!


Study your sample ballot.

Look for information about candidates’ priorities and values.
Do they align with your own?
Reach out to them.
Ask questions.

  • All Minnesota state offices are up for election, some federal and local seats, too.
  • Take notice of ballot measures or referendums on your ballot. Study those, too.


Cast your ballot at your polling place!

  • Remember, you can bring a sample ballot with you!
  • Election judges/poll workers are there to answer questions.
  • You can also vote early in person (at a county elections office) or absentee (by mail), with a ballot you request ahead of time.

Election Day is Tuesday, Nov 8.


If you or those close to you have been excluded from the voting process, know you are not alone.

Democratic systems can exclude, even though they are supposed to be of and by the people – all people.

But, we can work together for fairness and justice for all!

Visit the Minnesota Secretary of State’s Website

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