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What Does an Early Childhood Education Specialist at YWCA Minneapolis Do?

By Catherine Mahler, YWCA Early Childhood Education Specialist
September 27, 2017
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Regular Child Assessments to Track Development

One of the biggest jobs an Early Childhood Education (ECE) Specialist does at YWCA Minneapolis is make sure every child in the center is on track for their individual assessments. We ensure every child has regular assessments which can indicate when a child may need additional support. YWCA’s goal is for every child to be ready for Kindergarten when they leave our Early Childhood Education program and go on to the next step of their educational journey.

Additional Child and Family Resources

If assessments show a child may benefit from some other resource, the ECE Specialist is the one who seeks out the additional support. Our specialists work with the family and the educational staff to make sure that the child, their family and staff working with them are supported and understand the process.

More than Classroom Support

Even though assessments and classroom support are a huge part of what an ECE Specialist does here at YWCA Minneapolis, there is so much more to the job! I like to think of us like water…we fill in wherever there is a need or a space required to be filled. That might mean for part of the day we are in the classroom and part of the day we are working with data. We might also be planning fun family events for the center, managing book fairs or talking with parents.

Extra Child Support for Success

Having an Early Childhood Education Specialist at YWCA Minneapolis means we don’t allow kids to slip through the cracks. We have someone who is an extra set of eyes working with the children and can specifically focus on making sure every child in each of our five Children’s Centers has all the support they need to succeed.