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“Wonderful to Be Back”: Q&A with YWCA Fitness Member Kim Couch

By Kim Couch, YWCA Minneapolis Health and Wellness Member
September 29, 2020
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September 29, 2020

In this Q&A, Silver Sneakers member Kim Couch talks about coming back to fitness centers after the COVID-19 closings. 

headshot of ywca member, Kim Couch
Fitness member Kim Couch

Why did you join YWCA Minneapolis and what do you like about it?

I joined YWCA Minneapolis after retiring when I received my Humana Medicare Supplement info package and saw a Silver Sneakers free membership. I like how YWCA Midtown is way more than a “Y” — it is a community center.

How has COVID-19 affected you? What did you do to exercise while our gyms were closed?

I am single and retired, so my COVID-19 inconveniences are to minor to mention compared to most people. But a big 2020 goal for me was travel — not to be. While the gyms were closed, I started doing yoga and stretching online classes through Silver Sneakers and biked a lot. I do the classes 4-5 times a week and my yoga skills and endurance benefited wonderfully.

What do you like most about exercising with us in person or virtually?

Jen B.’s and Theresa’s various in-person Silver Sneaker fitness classes are absolutely, incredibly great. Those are the things I miss the most at YWCA. The online exercise Silver Sneaker classes do not compare, in fact, I don’t do them.

How has it been working out at our fitness centers now that they’ve reopened?

It has been so wonderful to be back. The staff are so warm and wonderful, and it’s so good to see familiar faces. So far I’m been coming in Monday, Wednesday and Friday to spend a little time rowing and 30 minutes in the pool. I love the pool signup procedure. Everything is very clean and safe, more so than even the best grocery stores.

Anything else you’d like to share with us?

Just a giant thank you to the staff and good health to anyone who reads this.

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