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Working Out to Feel Good About the World

By YWCA Minneapolis
January 26, 2021
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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

When COVID-19 hit, Jill’s life and routine were impacted, but it didn’t stop her from exercising, an activity she holds dear. “It’s a credit to the work of YWCA’s instructors,” says Jill. “I started with the On Demand classes when those were released in March, and then moved on to the YWCA Live! classes.” As the pandemic continued, Jill was happy to see the virtual classes continue to expand, offering a variety of styles from HIIT to Hatha Yoga and now even Cycle.

The Comradery & Ease of Virtual Classes

The virtual classes aren’t the same as in-person group fitness, but Jill says that she’s grown to love them because of the ease and energy they bring. “I don’t have to scrape the ice off my car to get to the gym… and the comradery is still there,” says Jill.

Human Connection + Movement

The feeling of togetherness has always been an essential part of YWCA’s Group Fitness classes. There is a current that is created when people move and work out together, even in an online setting. “COVID-19 reinforced how vital human connection and movement are to our health and wellness. The positive energy of the gym, and specifically group fitness works like magic. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a YWCA Live! virtual class or in person,” says Tara Davenport, group fitness coordinator.

As Jill’s kids have continued distance learning, YWCA Live! has been an occasional stand-in for their physical education classes, joining their mom for burpees, pushups and more. The girls’ favorite part is seeing other members in their homes doing the moves along with them and chatting with the instructor afterward.

Jill and her kids participate in a YWCA Live! HIIT class over Zoom.

What Makes Our Bodies Happy

Fitness and wellness has always been a big part of Jill’s life. She says working out has been a reliable practice that can uplift her mood and leave her feeling good about the world. She joined YWCA Minneapolis 15 years ago, and over the years it’s become a steady support to help her stay committed to exercise and her health, especially as her family has grown. “My kids see me being active and learn that this is what makes our bodies happy,” says Jill. It’s a powerful lesson to pass on to them.

Jill and her girls at the YWCA Women’s Triathlon.

Jill’s advice for others right now? She says to find whatever type of movement brings you joy, whether that’s running, HIIT classes, yoga or something else. “Do whatever makes you happy!” she says. Jill is grateful for the time she sets aside to take care of herself and focus on her health – exercising is a rewarding gift she gives herself.

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