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Young Professionals Give Back on a Spooky Halloween

By Carrie Fink and Julie Froslan, GenYWCA Volunteer Engagement Co-Chairs
November 15, 2013
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In October, we were honored to coordinate GenYWCA volunteer engagement for North Commons Park’s annual Halloween Party. In collaboration with YWCA’s Girls Inc., eight amazing GenYWCA young professionals volunteered their time by heading up a bevy of colorful carnival booths. We painted faces and blindfolded participants for “Pin the Bow Tie on Mr. Bones,” managed an enthusiastic beanbag toss and conjured up some gross-out laughs in the Witch’s Kitchen. The evening concluded with an excitement-filled raffle, made possible with the help of generous GenYWCA donors who contributed family-friendly raffle items for the youth and their families.
After the lights turned back on and the spaghetti “worms” were once again just a pile of slimy noodles, we all had a moment to reflect on the impact of the event. While it was just for a night, we helped support a few hours of laughter and family bonding for 150 youth and their families. Girls Inc. is an important program in which trained professionals deliver research-based curricula that equips girls with the tools to achieve academically, lead healthy and physically active lives, manage money, navigate media messages, and cultivate interests in science, technology, engineering and math. Through Girls Inc. young women have the opportunity to learn new skills, make positive connections to peers and adults, and believe in their ability to create the best possible future for themselves.

The YWCA’s positive presence helps nurture and strengthen the many talents of young men and women. While face painting that evening, Julie asked a young woman what she wanted to be when she was an adult, and without pause, she declared, “a doctor that delivers babies.” We hope that this young woman and her many peers never lose sight of their dreams. Maybe someday soon we will be lucky enough to call a few Halloween party attendees new GenYWCA members.

GenYWCA offers opportunities throughout the year to volunteer at community events that support the YWCA of Minneapolis. Engaging in these events is what helps connect Carrie and Julie to the extraordinary impact that the YWCA has within the community. If you would like to join GenYWCA and stay connected to this powerful group, please contact Sarah Raser.