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YWCA Early Childhood Education: Taking Good Care of My Daughter

By Kim Nguyen, YWCA Early Childhood Education parent
February 26, 2020
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Kim has one child enrolled in our Early Childhood Education program at Hubbs Center for Lifelong Learning. In the Q&A below, Kim describes her experience with YWCA’s child care and her daughter Angel’s favorite class activity.

A mom and her toddler daughter sit and pose together for a photo

What has your experience been like as a parent in YWCA’s Early Childhood Education program?

My experience with YWCA Minneapolis is really good. All of the staff are really nice and easy to talk to.

What makes the program stand out compared to other child care programs?

YWCA is a really nice and clean place to leave your kids the staff takes really good care of them. I enroll my child there because it is convenient for me when she is in child care, I have class at Hubbs Center for Lifelong Learning.

What do you think of your child’s teachers?

I really like my child’s teachers. They are really good at what they do.

What would your child say is their favorite thing about the YWCA child care program?

Music is her favorite.

Equipping Children to Reach their Potential

Through high-quality child care and early learning programs, YWCA Minneapolis helps children develop their individual interests and skills, connect with peers and build positive behaviors to support their academic success and become well-rounded learners for life.

YWCA’s award-winning programs, staff, facilities and teaching initiatives have helped thousands of Minneapolis children prepare for life in and beyond school. We help prepare all Minnesotan children to thrive — creating a sense of belonging in the classroom with our anti-bias curriculum and pushing to eliminate the educational opportunity gap in our state for families from all races, ethnicities, cultures and incomes.

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