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YWCA Families Celebrate Children’s Art Exhibit at an Elegant Opening Reception

By YWCA Minneapolis
December 13, 2019
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By the time winter rolls around at YWCA Children’s Center at Abbott Northwestern Hospital, the children have been preparing for a special event for months. Our annual Afternoon of Art is one of our favorite family events of the year, for kids, teachers and parents alike. The children mark the art show on their classroom calendars, counting down the days until they invite parents, grandparents and friends.

Introduction to Art Experiences and Materials

In the first few months of the school year, the children (infants through school-age) are introduced to a wide variety of art experiences and materials. Preschoolers visit various art pieces around the hospital and at Midtown Global Market. The art the children make is focused on the process, rather than the outcome. Process art is child-driven and choice-driven – perfect for young children as natural sensory seekers and learners!

A Gallery of Drawing, Painting, Sculpture and More

The variety of art in our exhibit is endless and usually includes drawing, painting, sculpture, paper, collage and more. The classrooms also work on collaborative pieces that are on display all year. Preparing for the event helps the children practice many skills: large and small motor skills, coordination, creativity, risk-taking, encountering challenges, asking questions and experiencing self-expression. The art they make is always unique, and as teachers, we can document the learning of children as it unfolds.

An Elegant Event with Cello Music and Hors d’Oeuvres

When the big day arrives, a cellist plays in the background as the children walk through the hallways finding their work and sharing it with their families and guests. Plus, everyone enjoys delicious hors d’oeuvres (served by their teachers!). One parent commented, “I love to see the kids so excited about their art… and love the chocolate-dipped strawberries, too!”

Feeling Pride in their Work

The art show event gives the kids the opportunity to feel pride in their work – they explain to their guests how the art was created and what materials were used. Some of the art is accompanied by photos of children mid-process, like the “The Colorful Tree” that the 3-year-old preschoolers painted and then added textural elements using glue. We can see in the photos how much care they all painted a different part of the tree branch at the same time. Each time the children see “The Colorful Tree” in the hallway, they will reflect back on their experiences creating it and the learning continues.

Some of our Afternoon of Art pieces will be displayed in the large display window in the Courage Kenny wing at Abbott Northwestern Hospital through December – please stop by and check it out!

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