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YWCA Member Story: Motivation to Make It to the Gym

By Lilly Rouillard, YWCA Fitness Member
February 20, 2020
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Lilly Rouillard has been a fitness member since 2016 and is currently enrolled in our Corporate Wellness Program, which offers employees of participating companies/organizations special pricing to join as members, plus other fun perks. Read more about Lilly’s YWCA experience and how she keeps motivated to make it to the gym each week.

Fitness member lifting weights at the gym

Why did you join YWCA Minneapolis?

I joined YWCA because there is a location (YWCA Midtown) between work and home on my brief 2.5-mile commute. They had all the facilities I was looking for and the environment is welcoming and not intimidating. Everyone there is working hard for themselves.

YWCA Midtown also helps me feel a part of the community. I see my neighbors there, and it’s fun to see the South High School students gearing up for basketball, track, softball, etc.

“YWCA Midtown also helps me feel a part of the community.”

fitness member on a weight machine at the gym

How did you find out about our Corporate Wellness Program?

I found out about the Corporate Wellness Program from my employer, the City of Minneapolis, at the new employee orientation. It was listed as a benefit.

The Corporate Wellness Program keeps me motivated since I have to make at least eight visits to YWCA Minneapolis every month to get my discount. If I had no incentive, I would just go home and sit on the couch and watch TV all night!

When I don’t feel like working out, I still check in, change my clothes and at least run a mile or speed walk up a hill on the treadmill… and after I’ve done that, I think, why don’t I just do some abs and planks? And then, now I have to do some stretches. Next thing I know, I’ve been at the gym for an hour. The incentive pushes me to walk through the doors, and that ends up being the hardest part most of the time.

fitness member lifting weights

“The incentive pushes me to walk through the doors, and that ends up being the hardest part most of the time.”

Which group fitness classes or services have you taken advantage of so far?

I have attended Cardio Dance: World Dance, Fitness Barre and Chisel Plus. I have also taken advantage of the two free personal training sessions that come with new membership.

The personal training sessions helped me a lot with exposing me to different lifts and machines so I felt confident using them alone. They also taught me proper form and safety. The classes have been fun to do when a friend uses one of my guest passes and joins in.

What fitness goals are you striving to achieve in 2020?

I am working on improved upper body strength, I want to run an eight-minute mile (I’m at nine minutes now!) and I want to get better at weighted squats.

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