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YWCA Minneapolis Explores Kid Inventors Day

By Shari Coleman, YWCA Preschool Teacher
January 30, 2018
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kid inventors day at ywca minneapolis

The children I teach at YWCA Minneapolis Children’s Center at Ecolab have been spending this week discussing inventions and inventors to celebrate “Kid Inventors Day” which took place January 17, 2018.

Accidents Turned Inventions

We found that some inventions happened by accident, like when Frank Epperson at age 11 mixed soda powder and water in a cup, stirred it with a wooden spoon and left the drink outside on a cold winter night. When he saw it the next day it was frozen (and delicious) and thus “popsicles” were born.

Other notable child inventors include:

What Would YWCA Children Invent?

Our class talked about the importance of persistence. We looked at examples of inventions that did not immediately work, but through the persistence of the inventors a useful product was created. We found that children as well as adults have come up with inventions that are very helpful for us all.

The children in our class came up with some unique ideas for inventions:

  • “A car that has a push button to make an arm come out and drive it back and forth.”
  • “Glow in the dark lipstick.”
  • “A machine that gathers acorns for squirrels.”
  • “A bird feeder that when you hit a knob the seeds fall in.”
  • “A glow in the dark bird’s nest so it can be seen at night.”

Creative Experiences and Exploration

In YWCA child care centers we offer creative experiences that encourage exploration – finger-paint, water colors, paper, glue and markers are just a few examples of items used. We provide enough time to explore, play, experiment and invent. For preschoolers, 70 minutes of uninterrupted time can give children enough time to create and build and pretend over and over again.

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