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Crossing the Finish Line, Ready to Race Again Next Year

By Rachael Weiker, race director, YWCA Women’s Triathlon
July 13, 2018
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Kim Edelman has competed in all 10 YWCA Women’s Triathlons. Kim was on the YWCA board of directors when the first YWCA Women’s Triathlon was being planned. “We would get periodic updates on the planning of the triathlon at our meetings,” says Kim. “Even the planning was inspirational. I knew I wanted to be part of the inaugural event. I had never done a triathlon, but had always wanted to try. Participating in the YWCA Women’s Triathlon seemed like perfect way to be involved.”

Overcoming Self-Doubt throughout the Years

Although Kim has competed in all 10 races, she confesses it doesn’t come without self-doubt. “There have been many times the night before YWCA Women’s Triathlon, I tell myself I am not doing the race next year. I am usually very nervous and feeling undertrained.” Those feelings diminish when she arrives at Lake Nokomis, sees the sea of YWCA orange and soaks in the atmosphere. “Everyone is so supportive – the staff, the volunteers, the athletes and the fans. By the time I cross the finish line, I am ready to do it again the next year.”

Watching the Race Evolve and Grow

Kim shares how the race has evolved over 10 years with the first race at Baker Park only consisting of a small number of participants, volunteers and fans. The venue for the third year was changed to Lake Nokomis, and over the years the number of registrants has grown tremendously. “YWCA is constantly thinking about how they can make the event open to all. The one important constant over the years is that this race is welcoming to all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities. Women who have not participated in a triathlon before are willing to try our event, because it is not intimidating.”

Kim plans to participate in the 2018 YWCA Women’s Triathlon. “I am not sure in what capacity. I suspect I’ll be a participant once again, though some day I’d like to volunteer.”

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