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Losing 55 Pounds and Finding My Next Challenge – the YWCA Women’s Triathlon!

By Anne Wagner, Super Sprint Triathlete
May 5, 2017
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Historically, I’ve never been an athlete. Sure, I did typical sports as a young girl and then I became less active as a teen and young woman. When I had kids, two in the last three years, there was no choice but to become active again. A three-year-old and a one-and-a-half-year-old require this quality in a parent! It was my always-moving, “Jumping Jack” and my “Tiny Dancer Natalie” who inspired me to do my life differently.

Starting My Journey

I knew I’d need support to make this big change and I found it in my sister, Mary, my husband, Steve, and the world’s best trainer, Michelle. I began in January of 2016 after buying a pair of two pound dumbbells and enrolling in a mom’s fitness group two days per week. I had to adapt nearly every exercise I attempted and I couldn’t run for 20 seconds. Still, my supportive group kept me going and my kids continued to inspire me.

Gaining Positivity (and losing weight!)

I started seeing a dietician and consistently exercised. I began to be able to do the fun, vigorous activities I was too afraid to try before, like sledding, spin classes and my first 5k.

I can now run a whole mile without stopping, do a 110-pound chest press AND keep up with my kids! I’ve gained so much positivity in my life, all while losing nearly 55 pounds.

YWCA Women’s Triathlon, My Next Challenge

With so many firsts in the last year, I was eager to find a new challenge. Something fun with a great, female-led environment. That’s when I learned about the YWCA Women’s Tri. So many ages, body-types, abilities and fantastic support! I couldn’t wait to sign up!

I may come in last and that’s ok. The only person I’m competing with is my previous self who sat on the sidelines. I’m excited for the journey and looking forward to the finish-line selfie so I can continue to evolve personally and be a role model to others, especially my biggest inspirations: my kids.

Send Us Your Stories!

For the next few weeks, we’re celebrating our #MomsWhoTri – mothers of all ages who are overcoming obstacles and working hard to compete in the #YWCAWomensTri. We want to hear your stories!

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