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#MomsWhoTri: Expecting and Crossing the Finish Line

By YWCA Minneapolis
May 3, 2017
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Like many of the women competing in the YWCA Minneapolis Women’s Triathlon, Maria Wald is a mom. What’s different about Maria is the fact that she will be near the end of her third trimester – 34 weeks pregnant – when she competes on August 13.

Recognizing Challenges

This expecting mom and triathlete is recognizing that there will be some challenges, like increasing her protein intake and adjusting her training methods, but none she won’t be ready to face. Training for the race is a great way for her to exercise because each section of the triathlon tests a new skill.

“I like triathlons more because it has swimming, biking and running, so it switches up which muscles you use and you’re a little more energized for each event,” she says. “It will be quite an experience this time around.”

Balancing Work, Home and Triathlon Training

This is Maria’s second triathlon; she did her first with YWCA two years ago and was hooked. She loves competition, but sometimes finding the time and motivation to exercise is difficult. In addition to being pregnant, she juggles working full-time and taking care of her young daughter. Nevertheless, Maria is committed to training and looking forward to the YWCA Women’s Tri this year, with her family by her side. She has even encouraged her sister and mother to participate as buddies.

“I’m hoping to have lots of friends and family throughout the course cheer me on and have my daughter at the finish line to run with me,” Maria says.

The Triathlon Journey

Finishing a race, whether a 5k, marathon or triathlon, is always an accomplishment. To Maria, the most rewarding aspect of her triathlon journey will be sharing the experience with her little ones, both her daughter and her child on the way.

By working, training and caring for both her children and herself, this athlete is showing just how far the strength and support of mothers can go. She encourages her fellow moms and triathletes to celebrate their accomplishments – whether it’s being a hardworking mother every day or finishing the YWCA Women’s Tri.

“Being able to not only support yourself but support your whole family at the same time is an amazing feeling,” she says. “It’s amazing what moms can do.”

Send Us Your Stories!

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