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Triathlete Stories from YWCA Women’s Triathlon

By YWCA Minneapolis
August 28, 2017
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Every triathlete has a story of how and why they choose this year to make it across the finish line. Here are a few stories from actual racers on their race experiences at the 2017 YWCA Women’s Triathlon.

Triple Threat – Mom, Daughter and Granddaughter

“Thank you family and friends for your support of me at the 2017 YWCA Women’s Triathlon. With your help, I raised $1,800 for the programs at YWCA Minneapolis.

This triathlon was especially meaningful to me this year because I was able to race with my daughter Linnea Lentz and granddaughter MaryBeth Zins. Our Team, “Triple Threat” (which was not really a threat to anyone) was enthusiastic and excited. Conditions were perfect with cool temperatures, cloudy skies and no humidity. I was ecstatic that my time was eight minutes faster than last year and 11 minutes faster than 2015.

As always, family and friends came out in droves to offer love and support, and to cheer Triple Threat on. It was a little harder for them to keep track of three racers this year!

A special thanks goes out to my husband Tom for making sure I stuck to my training regimen during our busy days of garage building, which was completed the week before the triathlon. He was indeed coach, supporter, encourager and fan extraordinaire!

Thanks again for a successful fundraising year!”

Kathy Lentz, triathlete

Prioritizing My Health and Well-Being

“The 2017 YWCA Women’s Triathlon was my first triathlon. After six years of motherhood, I felt like I finally prioritized my own health and well-being. This triathlon helped me do that.

I hope my kids see me do this and believe that they can be strong and take care of their health too.

This photo features me with my six year old, and my camera-shy four year old can almost be seen hiding behind me (look for a small finger and a small foot).

I cannot thank YWCA Minneapolis enough for a beautifully executed event with more spirit and heart than any I have attended. No matter the participant, on that day she felt like a real athlete.”

Mandy Huber, triathlete

Three Decades of Racers

“Here is a photo of our team, Tres Leches. You can see by our calves that our team spans three decades. Our ages are 44, 54, and 64! We had a blast and relished in the unexpected delight of our three decades.

We work together at Children’s Hospital, and this is our first time as a triathlon team. We had so much fun that we will be doing it next year when we will be 45, 55, and 65!

We did pretty well, especially my younger teammates. Thanks for a fun event.”

Paula Mackey (64), triathlete

(Her two other team members included: Susan Westphal and Patty Santos)

My First Triathlon

“I registered for my first triathlon this year because I wanted to challenge myself and because I had never done anything like this before. I have never been a runner, not in high school nor as an adult.

I have a friend who has done the YWCA Women’s Tri two years in a row and she really enjoyed it, so I thought I would give it a try. And, I love the proximity to where I live for training and the event itself. I had a great time and will be back in 2018.”

Gretchen Carroll, triathlete

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