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Checklist: Preparing Your Bike for Spring Riding

By Rachael Weiker, YWCA Minneapolis Director of Engagement
March 19, 2018
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The snow has finally (mostly) melted, spring is around the corner and you are ready to take your training outside! But is your bike ready?

We spoke with Jarad Watts from Velofix Minnesota, part of North America’s largest fleet of mobile bike shops, to get expert advice on how both you, and your bike, can prepare for the first bike rides of spring.

Taking your bike out of storage checklist:

  • Examine tires for protruding objects.
  • Fill tires to recommended tire pressure level, which is indicated on the tire sidewall.
    • Let the tire sit for an hour and check to see if the tire deflated during that time.
    • If the tire has deflated, the tube is probably leaking air.
  • Check all cables on the bike to ensure there are no cut marks or frayed cables.
  • Check the chain and gears for any signs of rust.
  • Lubricate the chain and wipe off any excess lubricant before riding.
  • Check all moving parts on the bike, i.e. handlebars, pedals, brake levers and wheel hubs to ensure everything is moving smoothly.
  • Wipe the frame down to remove any dust that collected during the off-season.

Now that your bike is all set, you are ready to hit the road! Here are some tips to stay warm, safe and dry while riding your bike this spring.

Spring bike riding tips:

  • Layer up as rides are cold to start, but remember you will warm up as you ride.
  • Fenders will save your bike, shoes and clothes from getting soaked.
  • Wipe your bike down post ride to remove excess water, salt or grime.
  • Run a slightly lower tire pressure to enhance tire grip on wetter roads and trails.

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