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Ages Served

Our Minneapolis Child Care Programs

From infant to school-age, our Child Care Programs include stimulating activities, an anti-bias curriculum, nutritious food and a healthy environment in which to grow.

6 weeks to 16 months

Infants are developing new skills every day! Learn how our infant care helps to guide them through the many developments of their early months.

16 months to 36 months

At 16 months, children join our toddler program. This age is all about having fun while developing independence, control of their bodies, language and social interaction skills.

36 months to Kindergarten

Preschoolers are curious, creative and playful. Our lessons plans are prepared but flexible to encourage children’s questions and imagination.

Kindergarten - 5th Grade

School-age children need a safe, interesting afterschool environment where they can develop skills and relationships in a positive manner. We place an emphasis on character development, physical wellness and service learning.