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The following are questions posed to our presenter, Talila “TL” Lewis, during the It’s Time to Act! presentation on March 23, 2022, shared along with the presenter’s answers.

Do you have resources to recommend for language?

You mentioned transmisia — is that a suffix that can be applied to other identities as well? You mentioned Islam as one.

Yes. -misia. It can be used with other prefixes (e.g., we see it with fatmisia, xenomesia, islamomisia, etc.). Here is a great twitter thread with embedded meta threads that offers perspectives/insights on this shift and its rationale.

You’ve clearly outlined the intersections of ableism, racism and settler colonialism. Where are some places in theory and practice that we as racial justice practitioners can work to better frame these intersections?

Please see resource list below, focus on sections entitled racism + ableism, immigration + disability, disability + incarceration (but also see all sections & resources; it’s all connected).

What is some upcoming legislation we should be aware of from your perspective?

Any legislation that is working to fund/finance alternative/more forms of surveillance, incarceration (medical and/or carceral incarceration/institutionalization) as opposed to funneling funds into marginalized communities to support.

Can you uplift some of the people you frequently partner with and learn alongside?

General Resources By Category

Disability Justice & Ableism

Ableism & Racism

Disability and Incarceration

Disability and Immigration

Disability and Reproductive Justice