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Pain to Power: Healing Historical Trauma Resources

Continue to Take Action

We hope this event provided an opportunity to learn, connect with others and find ways to fight injustices in your daily lives. Calvin Terrell has provided resources to continue your journey of learning and action. Continue below to read the resources.


Three Goals in the Social Centric Three Lines of Action


“All the time every time; human consciousness & considerations” (the truest “you” alone and in the company of close intimate relations with others). This is an ongoing reflection per person involved in the work.

  • What have you read and what are you reading?
  • What have you watched/listened to and what are you watching/listening to?
  • What do you entertain yourself with and who are the entertainers or what makes it entertaining?
  • How conscious are you of the whole story of the history of where you live, where you work, where you pray, where you play, etc.?
  • How regularly do you audit your upbringing’s impact on your consciousness of race’s impact on all identities worldwide?
  • How regularly do you “think about your thinking” or “look at the way you look” at all the world’s peoples in both easy and hard situations?


“Interactions at work and everywhere else; social navigation and prioritization” (the truest level of global awareness, emotional/mental maturity or literacy, abilities to disagree with dignity and capacities to effectively communicate both within and among all the cultural representations involved in the work, as well as both your truest intra-racial and interracial socialization).


“Impact of job performances on institutional imprints/tattoos; intelligence or data” (the truest historical to current: inceptions, intentions, impacts, motivations, and outcomes of your organizational/institutional policies & practices (formal or written & informal) both on and because of all personal to interpersonal realities involved in the work).

The action items are driven by first considering every line of action and determining “in order to contribute to the healing of historical racial intersectional trauma and the building of ecocentric communities” I need to:

  • STOP…your habits as ways of “being” and “doing” that sustain oppression, white dominances and ecocide
  • START…new habits of “being” and “doing” that contribute to the material, social and spiritual progress of all the world’s peoples in ways that cause no harm to the ecosphere
  • CONTINUE…your ways of “being” and “doing” that are helpful to the causes of healing historical racial intersectional traumas, building both intra-racial/interracial collaborations, and bettering society

Resources from Social Centric Institute

Calvin Terrell has provided a list of resources from the Social Centric Institute. View the resources here.

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