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Continue the Conversation

How can you break through the barriers that perpetuate systemic racism?

Here are a few steps you can take over the next year to continue the conversation and your racial justice journey.


Within the Week

Seek out stories and opinions from those who are different from you, for example:

  • Ta-Nehesi Coates’ books or various articles
  • Climbing the White Escalator by Betsy Leondar-Wright
  • White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo

Within the Month

Meet with someone you met from It’s Time to Talk: Forums on Race and or subscribe to a podcast that explores racial equity topics and/or perspectives:

Within Three Months

  • Have a conversation about race and racism with a friend or family member; practice empathy, and encourage others to do so
  • Subscribe to and join: Showing Up for Racial Justice

Within Six Months

Volunteer for a community organization that is working to eliminate racism.

Challenge your awareness of how “mainstream” America shows up all around you.

  • Who is and is not represented in ads?
  • Who is and is not represented as “an expert” on the news?

Within Nine Months

Reconnect with someone you met from It’s Time to Talk: Forums on Race

Challenge your awareness of your inner circle.

  • Does your inner circle reflect a mosaic of racial and/or cultural backgrounds?
  • What are your steps to change your inner circle?

Throughout the Year

  • Seek out books written by a racially diverse mix of authors and continue to challenge yourself
  • Challenge yourself to ask: who is and is not included in the decision-making meetings, social gatherings and networking opportunities?
  • Follow racial justice activists, educators and organizations on social media, for example: Angela Davis, Rinku Sen, Tim Wise, Maria Hinojosa or Teaching Tolerance

Next Year

Attend It’s Time to Talk: Forums on Race to continue the conversation


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