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After the Finish Line

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has stated that racism — both structural and interpersonal — has a direct, negative effect on the mental and physical health of millions of people of color in America. We hope participating in this race brings you an opportunity to zoom in on racism as a public health crisis.

Due to racism, people of color in Hennepin County statistically have poorer educational outcomes, earn less and are less likely to own homes or have access to quality health care than white people. These disparities have lifelong impacts, including higher disease rates, and, as we’re seeing now, higher rates of COVID-19.

Racial justice is about fixing the system so that we all have equal access to opportunities and tools to lead healthy, abundant lives. Understand more about this issue locally in our blog post here, and more from YWCA USA.

We’ve compiled some community and mentorship organizations, as well as resources, at the intersections of race, racial justice and sports. Continue below to explore these resources and action steps to continue your anti-racist journey.

Action Steps

  1. Practice and build stamina. Just like training for a race, antiracism (and healing) is everyday work.
  2. Join a YWCA Minneapolis workshop to raise your knowledge and awareness, build skills and take action.
  3. Support community and mentorship organizations at the intersection of sport and wellness and racial justice, such as Black Girls Run or Melanin in Motion.
  4. Fuel up after the race with products from people-of-color-owned businesses, like The Dripping Root.
  5. Seek out local news and sportscasting from journalists of color.

Looking to diversify who you follow? Check out our recent blog highlighting Women of Color Fitness, Wellness, & Athletic Influencers.