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Triathlon Training

Free Training Plans

Every year we publish our free training plans for beginning and intermediate triathletes, offering an introductory 12-week schedule to prepare for the race.

If you need help or want a personalized training plan or ongoing coaching that considers your own strengths, weaknesses, goals, schedules and priorities, we have a number of personal trainers ready to help. We hope you have a positive and fun training experience and are ready to have a great triathlon experience.

Triathlon Training Classes

FREE Tri Basics Talk

Join us virtually or in person for a Tri Basics talk and ask our experienced coaches your questions about triathlon. Lots of free items (such as race belts and swim caps!) will be available as well as out limited edition tri hoodie for purchase at our in-person events.

Mini Triathlon

Practice all components of triathlon with minimal distance and time. Swim 20-200 m, bike 3 mi, run .1-.5 mi, but most importantly practice using all your gear and transition smoothly!

Tri Skills Class

Learn and practice all the critical components of triathlon. We'll start with bike skills for safety, efficiency, and speed. Transitions are the most complicated and we'll break down the rules and your options then you'll have time to practice a few times. We'll briefly discuss swim and run strategies before you have a chance to put it all together.

Open Water Training

Learn the fundamentals of open water swimming. This class will include a Q & A discussion about best open water swim practices, plenty of swimming drills and technique work, tips and tricks for a smooth open water swim and triathlon-specific swim information.

Tri Swim Classes at YWCA Uptown

This class focuses on building a foundation for freestyle endurance swimming for triathletes. Swimmers will learn stroke mechanics, drills, and practice methods to train up to an endurance swim of 500 yards or more. Our most experienced Total Immersion coaches provide feedback and encouragement. Classes meet once a week for six weeks.