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Financial Assistance

Fit Forward Scholarship Application

YWCA Minneapolis offers needs-based assistance to individuals and families that qualify financially, making access to membership affordable for all.

Applying is easy and confidential

How to apply:

  1. Print and complete the scholarship application. (You can also complete the fillable PDF application and then print it out.) The application must be completed in its entirety or it will not be considered.
  2. Make a copy of your most recent federal tax return or financial support documents. Please note we cannot process your application without proper income documentation.
  3. Bring the documents and your state-issued photo ID to the Member Services desk at your YWCA location.

Have questions?

Schedule an appointment to speak with a membership advisor today.

  • Downtown: 612-215-4118
  • Midtown: 612-215-4332
  • Uptown: 612-215-4232

How It Works

We will consider your annual income as well as the number of adults and dependents in your household, and then determine assistance to align with your individual situation. If your family receives assistance through the county or other agency, please let us know.

We will process your application in the order it is received. We will review your information and within ten (10) business days provide you with a decision via email, letter or phone call. We will also let you know if we need additional information.

Income Verification Guidelines

You will need to provide a copy of your (and any adult in your household) previous year-end 1040 federal tax return and any additional documents showing all of the financial support that you and your household receive. If you are not required to file taxes, you will need to provide a minimum of (but not limited to) two (2) documents showing your yearly projected income, financial support and proof of dependents. If there is no current income verification, zero income, negative income or lack of approved documentation of income, the application will not be processed.

Additional Program Information

  • It is your responsibility to notify YWCA Minneapolis of any changes in the information provided on your application. Based on these changes, YWCA Minneapolis reserves the right to adjust or terminate the scholarship amount. Failure to advise YWCA Minneapolis of changes may result in immediate termination of a scholarship.
  • If you or any of your household members have an outstanding balance with YWCA Minneapolis, you will not be eligible to start a new membership until all monies owed are paid in full.
  • Awards are valid for 30 days from the date of approval.
  • Once redeemed, the scholarship membership is valid for one year.
  • All submitted paperwork provided to YWCA Minneapolis will not be returned.
  • Scholarship memberships may be placed on hold in accordance with current hold policies.
  • YWCA Minneapolis is not responsible for notifying members that their membership is about to expire.
  • Scholarship applicants that are declined must wait six months before reapplying.

Donate to the Fit Forward Fund

Looking to support other families’ fitness memberships? Round up your monthly membership debit with a tax-deductible donation. Your gift goes directly to our scholarship fund, Fit Forward, which helps make fitness memberships more accessible for community members from lower-income households.

Talk to your member advisor today to add a donation to your monthly debit or make a one-time or monthly donation online.