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Winter Wellness Challenge

Six-Week Wellness Challenge

Begins January 20 – enroll today at the Member Services Desk!

Chase the winter blues away with the Winter Wellness Challenge by choosing a fitness goal to work toward plus a potential grand prize of $300 MYREWARDS for top participants!

Each participant gets six 55-minute personal training sessions to help achieve their goal plus exclusive access to three free nutrition workshops.

Challenge Prizes:

  • If you have the largest percentage of improvement in your goal area, you receive a $300 MYREWARDS card
  • If your location (Downtown, Midtown or Uptown) records the largest percentage of improvement in the goal area you signed up for, YOU receive a $25 MYREWARDS card
  • At each free nutrition workshop, there will be a drawing for a $25 MYREWARDS card

Choose Your Goal

1. Strength

With a personal trainer, test using an upper body and lower body weight lifting exercise. Then perform the same two exercises on the last week of the challenge to record the difference of weight lifted from week one to six.

2. Endurance

Test a mile run, walk or row time on week one. Then perform the same test on week six of the competition and measure the difference in time.

3. Body Composition

Perform a Styku scan on week one of the competition to get a baseline body composition. Then perform a Styku scan on week six of the competition to record the change in body composition.

Nutrition Workshops

Registered participants have access to free nutrition clinics hosted by YWCA Registered Dietitians. One $25 MYREWARDS card given away at each session!

Dates and Locations:

  • Fueling Goals: January 18, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm, YWCA Uptown Community Room
    • We all have different goals we are trying to reach, so we can’t all expect to get to these goals by following the same nutrition path. Come and learn more about how you can better fuel your specific health goals.
  • Recipe Reboot: February 1, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm, YWCA Midtown Room 155/156
    • This workshop will teach you how to make adjustments to your favorite foods/recipes in order to make them healthier, so you can continue to include them in your diet while you work toward your health goals. Bring in one or two recipes you would like to work on during this workshop.
  • Small Changes/Long-Term Success: February 15, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm, YWCA Uptown Community Room
    • Nobody can become a different person overnight, and trying to make too many changes at once can be overwhelming. Learn how to scale down your focus and make smaller, but more impactful changes that will help you toward long-lasting success in reaching your health goals.

Registration Information

Challenge Dates: Challenge begins January 20 and runs through March 1
Cost: $250 ($350+ value!)
Test Dates: Initial test: Jan. 20 – 27; Final test: Feb. 24 – March 1