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More Than 1,500 Triathletes Cross the Finish Line at 2019 YWCA Women’s Triathlon

By YWCA Minneapolis
August 15, 2019
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More than 1,500 triathletes joined us for the 12th annual YWCA Women’s Triathlon last weekend. Many call it their favorite race of the year – it is truly a celebration of women and girls, and the power of our bodies to be strong, resilient and accomplish tremendous feats.

Each year, the event attracts women and girls from ages 11 to 81 – they are beginners, seasoned triathletes and everyone in-between. The supportive and empowering feel of the event is part of what makes it so special.

“Recognizing that I Am Strong”

“I learn so much from this race about accepting where I am, and recognizing that I am strong and I am enough,” says triathlete Nicole.

Two women running side by side and keeping pace at YWCA Women's Triathlon

“This year, while running the last leg of the race,” says Nicole, “I felt a woman coming up beside me. I saw her age, 60, and told her she had a fantastic pace. We decided to run the last mile together. Our breathing synched up and we maintained a strong tempo. When we crossed the finish line we hugged, each of us thanking the other. To me, this represents everything about this race: stronger together and naturally supportive of each other.”

“You Are My Hero!”

The magic of race day also comes from all the love from friends and family who show up to cheer on their moms, sisters, daughters, partners and friends. The crowd rang cowbells, shouted until their voices went hoarse and proudly held up their handmade signs with messages like, “Go Mommy!” and “You are my hero!”

Courtesy of Sarah Moon

We congratulate each and every racer who participated this year and look forward to seeing all the athletes and fans again next year! View the race results and photos.

Here are the 2019 award winners:

2019 Legacy (10-year) Racers

  • Sarah Dimick Gray
  • Heidi Anderson-Isaacson
  • Debbie Stewart
  • Greta Simpson
  • Erin Probst

Elite Race

In the elite race, the winner was Fundraising team member and YWCA Minneapolis member, Jennifer Fitzharris-Funk, age 44, with an overall time of 1:12:08. She narrowly beat out Bettina Keppers, age 36 from Duluth, who finished in 1:12:45. Cheryl Zitur, age 55, followed close behind with a finish time of 1:13:11.

SuperSprint Race

In the SuperSprint, the winner was Thu Thong, age 45, who finished the 200-yard swim, 7-mile bike, and a 1-mile run in a time of 37:16. The second place was Lizzy Eiynck, age 14 in a time of 40:42. Pamela Wagner took third place, finishing at 41:32.

Age, Relay and Special Award Winners

Age group winners included:

  • 19 & under: Grace Moberg
  • 20 – 24: Michelle Lensing
  • 25 – 29: Taylor Moore
  • 30 – 34: Brigid McHale
  • 35 – 39: Francie Streich
  • 40 – 44: Brooke Darst Rice
  • 45 – 49: Erika Saveraid
  • 50 – 54: Claudia Hornibrook
  • 55 – 59: Patricia Wright
  • 60 – 64: Diane Shaw
  • 65 – 69: Twyla Anderson
  • 70 – 74: Nancy Bauer
  • 75 – 79: Annliv Bacon
  • 80 – 84: Judy Ryyken (Judy is a crowd favorite, annual age group winner, oldest racer and 12-year racer)

The Relay Team winner was:

Ava Cole, Bronwyn Cole, Audrey Cole

Special award winners, including family teams, are:

  • Masters: Jody Quesnell
  • First Timer: Erin Toner
  • Life Partner: Herron-Rusch – Angela Herron and Nicole Rusch
  • Sister-Sister: Fitzharris Sisters – Jennifer Fitzharris-Funk and Jackie Eiynck
  • Mother Daughter: Team Oreo – Ella Isaacson and Heidi Anderson-Isaacson
  • Sprint Paratriathlete: Hailey Douglas and myTeam Triumph
  • SuperSprint Paratriathlete: Molly Lethert
  • SuperSprint Masters: Abby Smith

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