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It's Time to Act!™ FAQs

Welcome to the It’s Time to Act!™ help center, where you’ll find answers to help you have a smooth event experience. Please note that many technical questions about Zoom can be answered on its FAQ page. If you have a question not included here, please contact

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m having trouble accessing the Zoom link. Can you help?

  1. Try refreshing the browser, or closing the browser window and opening a new one.
  2. Try waiting a few minutes for the video to catch up.
  3. If the problem persists, you may need to check your video/audio settings. Try this link for more assistance.

Is the panel conversation being recorded? Can I access it later?

  • The panel conversation recording will be emailed to participants.

My camera isn’t working. Can you help?

This is great! How can I support YWCA’s work?