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Legacy Campaign

The Power to Soar Legacy Campaign

The Power to Soar Campaign, a $20 million campaign that launched in 2011 and was completed last year, helped us reach more individuals with our life-changing programs, achieve the financial sustainability we need to continue our work into the future, and increase the impact of our work by making it possible to share our expertise with new individuals and communities. In the past three years, more than 950 donors have given $22.5 million toward the Power to Soar Campaign.

Campaign Update: Read about Cargill’s recent gift to the Power to Soar campaign.

For 120 years, the YWCA of Minneapolis has changed lives through innovative programs and passionate advocacy in education, racial justice, women and wellness. Our work has opened doors for women, people of color, and low-income families, and opened minds throughout our community to the potential that exists in us all.

Philanthropy helped build the YWCA, beginning in 1903 with our original downtown Minneapolis building, one of the first in Minnesota to be owned and operated by women. In the succeeding years, the community has remained supportive of the important role the YWCA plays in our community, sustaining us with annual, planned and capital gifts.

Thank you for being part of our legacy — one that embraces both dreaming and doing, that equips people to create brighter futures for themselves, their families and their community.

Both immediate and planned gifts are still welcome to support the following areas:

  • Provide access to high-quality Early Childhood Education to all children
  • Equip Girls and Youth with the skills to prepare for a positive future
  • Improve community Health and Wellness through inclusive, high-quality programming and facilities
  • Expand the reach of our Racial Justice and Public Advocacy work
  • Renovate Administrative Space and Downtown Building
  • Ensure the future of our programs with Unrestricted Endowment and Reserve funds