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YWCA Minneapolis Launches Prime Time Fitness

By YWCA Minneapolis
March 27, 2018
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In 2003, YWCA Midtown launched the first Silver Sneakers class in the Metro area. The classes were held in Studio A and drew a crowd of 10-15 participants on a good day. It was an innovative idea at the time: enhance the health of senior citizens in our community through regular, structured physical activity.

A Request for More Challenging Classes for Ages 55+

Fifteen years later our Silver Sneakers classes draw well over 400 participants a week at the Midtown location alone. The demographics of those classes has also evolved over the past 15 years. A new population has emerged – active older adults! These are YWCA members who are strong, active and still enjoy a physical challenge despite managing a varied menu of age-related concerns, limitations and restrictions. For the last few years we have heard continued requests for classes that are more challenging than Silver Sneakers without reaching the intensity of many of the mainstream classes offered on our regular schedule. To fulfill this request, we are adding a brand new series to our lineup of classes designed for members ages 55 and up – Prime Time Fitness.

Small Group Classes for the Active Older Adult

Prime Time Fitness classes are fee-based group workouts designed specifically to meet the needs of active older adults. Each format is tailored with a keen eye on enhancing joint mobility, increasing cardiovascular fitness without impact and building muscle strength using body weight, bands and light weights. In these smaller sized classes, instructors are better able to focus on form through the entire execution of a movement or exercise, significantly reducing the potential for injury. Instructors become familiar with the limitations of regular participants and can proactively provide modifications individually as well as for the group as a whole.

Launching April 2

We are launching these classes April 2 at YWCA Midtown.  Prime Time Fitness classes are offered as drop-in classes using Prime Time Fitness program passes. The passes can be purchased in packages of 6 or 12 at the front desk or online here.