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YWCA Statement on the Killing of Daunte Wright

By YWCA Minneapolis
April 14, 2021
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April 14, 2021
Dear Community,

We are heartbroken. Heartbroken for the family and friends of Daunte Wright, for our Black employees and neighbors and for our community at large. Daunte’s life had meaning, value and significance. He should be alive today. Daunte was just 20 years old. A son, father, brother, uncle, grandson and friend. We hold his name in our hearts as we grieve alongside you and state firmly that Black lives matter.

The killing of Daunte Wright comes at a time when multiple layers of tragedy and pain continue to compound on each other: the re-traumatizing trial of Derek Chauvin, an ongoing pandemic that is disproportionately hurting Black and Brown communities and additional events of violence across the nation – anti-Asian hate crimes and extreme force used against a Black Army lieutenant in Virginia. And still, we wait for justice.

We believe in holding police officers, elected officials and others accountable in the necessary fight for justice. And we believe everyone has a role to play in this movement for peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all. We encourage you to reflect on your own role and how you might contribute today to a better, more just, more equitable world. How will you show up today on the side of racial justice?

One step you can take is to support the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act of 2020. Another step is to register for our last It’s Time to Act!™ forum of the year on Thursday, April 29. From Pain to Power: Healing Historical Trauma is presented by artist, activist, trainer and keynote speaker Calvin Terrell. Calvin will lead us on a candid journey of decolonizing our minds and confronting racial oppression. These forums are a catalyst for changemaking, where attendees take a deep dive into issues affecting our community and are inspired to identify their own role and power to create change.

We stand with our Black community members and with those who are relentlessly working for justice. These traumatic experiences are more than anyone should have to bear, but together we have more strength than we know. Together, we can reimagine safety for all and eliminate racism.

Please be well and take care of one another.


Jacqueline Lloyd Cunningham
Jessie Hendel
Lee Kroll
Angela Myles
Ramya Rauf
Jaclyn Samuel
Stephanie Thomas

YWCA Minneapolis Senior Leadership Team