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Expand Your Knowledge

Break through the barriers perpetuating racism

Skill-building workshops, hosted by the YWCA throughout the year, help individuals, organizations and businesses gain important insights and skills as they seek to improve race relations in the community.

For more information, please email the Racial Justice department or call 612-215-4124.

Confronting Racism

We’ve all been there: someone tells a racist joke, and no matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to respond appropriately. Or maybe you’re committed to eliminating racism, but would like more skills to help you respond to people in different settings. If this sounds familiar, we invite you to take part in our two-hour Confronting Racism Workshop.

Workshop Fee

YWCA Members $25
General Public $50

Understanding Privilege

Here’s one way to consider the concept of privilege: purchasing items colored “nude” or “flesh,” and having them match your skin.

The two-hour Understanding Privilege Workshop aims to educate participants on the basic principles of white privilege in America, uncovering this invisible system of privilege, and helping articulate the role each person can play in eliminating racial disparities.

In this workshop, there is a focus on group dialogue, as participants share and discuss information and stories. Understanding will increase, and a commitment to action will be articulated to encourage change on both personal and institutional levels. By the end of the workshop, participants will have moved toward a more effective approach for recognizing and addressing privilege and racism issues, and will be closer to answering the question, “How will I know that I am succeeding and making a difference?”.

Workshop fee:

YWCA Members $25
General Public $50

Unlearning Racism

What does racism mean to you? Do you have more questions than answers? Whether you’ve been a target of racism, have seen it happen, or feel that you could do more about racism in your daily life, this intensive workshop will facilitate dialogue that helps you examine the presence of racism in your various environments.

The purpose of the four-hour Unlearning Racism Workshop is to promote understanding and healing through sharing of personal stories and experiences. Talk leads to action, and in an environment where honest dialogue occurs, participants can explore personal responsibility and learn how it can effect institutional change.
At the Unlearning Racism Workshop, participants will delve deeper into the issues of racism with the goal of making a commitment to change on a personal level. In addition, they will leave feeling empowered to be an ally and advocate for racial justice.

Workshop fee:

YWCA Members $50
General Public $100