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Stand Against Racism 2019: Take the Pledge

Stand Against Racism Pledge

With an understanding of the ongoing harm caused by racism throughout the state of Minnesota and within my own community, I pledge to:

  • Develop my racial literacy and commit to ongoing education about the ways racism shapes the experiences of people of color, especially immigrants in my community.
  • Challenge and correct racist ideas, actions and behaviors when I see them, even if it means having an uncomfortable or difficult conversation with my family, partner, friends, colleagues or others. Challenge myself to see racism in my own thoughts and interactions with others.
  • Use my unique skills and the resources available to me to actively seek out opportunities to reduce racial inequities, and support public policy solutions that promote racial equity in all aspects of life.
  • Engage in solidarity with communities of color and organizations engaged in racial justice work; understand there are times to take leadership positions and times to support the leadership of others.
  • Resist the desire to give in to hopelessness; practice restorative self-care and surround myself with a supportive community that will allow me to continue racial justice work in a sustainable way.

I join YWCA Minneapolis in taking a stand against racism today and every day.


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