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Ready. Set. Reset!
2021-2022 Community Impact Report

Dear YWCA Minneapolis Community,

This last year has been cause for gratitude and celebration. We are grateful to the many community members and partners who entrusted YWCA Minneapolis with their care and resources as they continued to navigate their own way through the pandemic, and ongoing healing two years after George Floyd’s murder. We also paused to recognize moments of achievement, both big and small.

As a leader in the field of racial equity, we empowered our community on their journey against racism and expanded our reach geographically through virtual offerings. Eager participants, ready to learn, develop and grow together were able to share openly and authentically in these virtual spaces. And we continued to push our legislative agenda to ensure racial and gender equity, including sustainable investments in the child care sector, are embedded in our systems, institutions and programming.

Amid an ongoing worker shortage in the child care industry, we strived to create a more engaged workplace through staff activities and enrichment opportunities. To support families, we continued to provide part-time care, offer virtual parent conferences and connect families to additional external resources. Our early learners demonstrated age-appropriate development and kindergarten readiness, preparing to become life-long learners, and helped design their new outdoor playspace at our Midtown location. Through ongoing disruptions in public schools, our Girls and Youth teams adapted to remain a consistent presence in participants’ lives, prioritizing their needs above all else. And while members continued to assess where and how they exercised, we expanded our virtual and in-person offerings to meet them where they were and supported them throughout their wellness journey.

Thank you for standing together to eliminate racism and empower women and girls. We are proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish, in what continued to be a challenging year for our community, and are excited for the future. We are grateful for your ongoing support of our work as we center our bold mission, and reimagine how we best show up to meet the ever-changing needs of our community.


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advancing racial justice

As a leader in the field of racial equity, we empower communities and workplaces to embrace new perspectives and promote justice for all people.

One Team, Many Players

“Impressed with how many others were convened from so many different places to have these key conversations about race and racism at It’s Time to Talk, I thought, if YWCA Minneapolis could do that and have an impact in 90 minutes, what is possible in deep, collaborative partnership?”

~ Peyton N. Owens, III, University of Minnesota Senior Associate Athletics Director

preparing lifelong learners

We prepare children with the skills needed to thrive by creating a sense of belonging in the classroom and pushing to eliminate the opportunity gap in our state.

Empowering Families

“YWCA was an absolute lifeline for us to restore balance and normalcy. Kids aren’t meant to sit around while their middle-aged parents stare at computer screens and take phone calls. Knowing that she’s learning, developing and playing alongside other kids is very important for us. Thank you to the incredible staff. We absolutely could not function as a family without your help. We appreciate all of you.”

~Bill and Heather, YWCA Early Childhood Education Parents

developing young leaders

We equip youth with the skills and experience to nurture their confidence, relationships and power to be leaders in their lives and communities.

Graduating Eurekans!

Clearing obstacles brought on by the pandemic in a strong, smart and bold fashion is what Eurekans do! And this past summer, we graduated our third class of YWCA Minneapolis Eurekans. During their five years in the program they received various opportunities in the field of STEM. We admire their determination, perserverance and are excited to see amazing things from our graduates. Congratulations, Eureka graduates!

“My youth counselor felt as close to me as a friend. She understands me.”

~ Eureka! Graduate

eliminating health disparities

Through welcoming, inclusive fitness facilities and programs, we help people lead healthier, more active lives.

Connections That Kept Us Coming Back

Cary and Tori have been YWCA members for 25+ years! The connections they developed over the years kept them coming back and pivoting to online Zoom classes during the pandemic. “We missed YWCA and all the morning regulars. It made me realize how disconnected you can feel when you’re away. We really appreciate the instructors that continue to inspire us to keep moving!”

~ Cary and Tori, YWCA Fitness Members


Thank you for being a part of our movement to eliminate racism, empower women and girls and promote peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.

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