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Swim Lesson Policies

YWCA Minneapolis Swim Lessons policies help create a safe and secure environment.

COVID Safe Swim Lesson Plan

Before Coming to the Facility

  • Complete the self-screening.
  • Be swim-ready (suit, goggles, towel, pool deck footwear).
    • We will not have goggles to share at this time. Please bring your own. Do not bring swim/dive masks that cover the nose or are made from glass. Goggles may be purchased at the member services desk.
    • We will provide other required swim equipment and sanitize equipment before the next class.
    • No outside shoes on the pool deck.  Please bring your pool footwear to use out on the pool deck and locker room areas. Bare feet work fine too.
  • Bring face covering (mask). This is required for ages 5 years and older and encouraged for ages 2-4 years.
  • Please arrive no earlier than 5-10 minutes before the scheduled lesson time.
  • To help prevent overcrowding, only one parent/guardian for up to three lesson participants in the facility are allowed. Please do not bring others to the facility unless they have reservations in other areas.

Arrival at the Facility

  • Put on a face covering before entering the facility.
  • Wash or sanitize hands upon entry.
  • Check in at the member services desk.
  • Wait at the assigned lobby section area.
  • Remove outside shoes to be ready to go out to the pool deck.
  • Staff will escort the group to the pool deck area, just before the start of class.
  • You will be at an assigned deck station. Here you can store your belongings until the end of class. For higher levels, this is where a parent/guardian can observe the lesson.

During Lessons

  • Follow the directions of the instructor for the assigned pool area or station.
  • Please keep social distancing from other participants (outside of the household).
  • Instructors will maintain social distance where applicable but will assist/support swimmers as needed to provide a safe swimming experience.
  • Instructors will wear a mask when on deck and face shield when in the water.
  • Two restrooms are available through the all-gender locker room.

Dismissal of Class

  • Follow the directions of the instructor and return to the assigned deck area to gather your belongings. Put on your face covering.
  • When prompted, follow directions to the locker room exit. Use showers/restrooms as needed.
  • Promptly exit the facility to help us keep showers/restrooms available for others to use.
  • Hair dryers are not available to use at this time.

Exit the Facility

  • Exit the locker rooms towards the main lobby hallway. Help maintain social distance from other participants while leaving.
  • Follow signage for exit towards the long hallway leading to the sports center.
  • At the glass door, turn left to exit the facility through the back stairwell doors.

Cancellations/Withdrawals/Missed Classes

  • In order to maintain a positive relationship between the instructor and the class participants, missed classes cannot be made up. We cannot credit or prorate missed classes.
  • In order to ensure a positive group experience, we are committed to running as many classes as possible. However, we reserve the right to cancel any class. Every effort will be made to accommodate your child in another class prior to the start of the session.
  • You may withdraw from a class prior to the start of the session. We will credit you for a future session.
  • If you must withdraw from a class after the start of a session, a credit or refund will only be given with written confirmation of a medical condition that prohibits participation in the class.
  • To obtain a credit or refund, you are required to fill out the Aquatics Credit/Refund form located at the front desk at each facility. A receipt is required to process all requests. Please note special circumstances or requests on the form.

Swim Lesson Observation Policy

It is the policy of the YWCA that all individuals, ages 13 or older, provide a valid photo ID, and sign in each time they enter the facility for swim lesson observation. While in the facility, the hospitality desk will hold the observer’s ID, returning it upon completion of the lesson. There is a limit of 2 observers per visit. All observers must enter the facility at the same time as the swim lesson participant, and observe from designated areas only. Use of equipment or amenities by the observer is strictly prohibited during this time. Thank you for helping make our facilities a safe and secure environment.

Parent/Guardian Reminders

  • The most important role of a parent or guardian during swimming lessons is to be positive and patient with your swimmer’s success. There is no set pace for your child’s swimming improvement.
  • To maintain quality class management, parents are asked to sit and observe lessons from the designated seating areas located at each facility.
  • If you have questions about your child’s progress, please approach the instructor before or after the class has finished. They will be happy to answer any of your questions, or will direct you to someone on staff who can assist you. Please direct any non-lesson-related questions to the lifeguard(s) on duty.
  • Comment cards are available at the front desk if you would prefer to ask a general question and remain anonymous.
  • Please give us feedback. Let us know how we are doing. What do you like about our program?
  • How can we improve? Please call 612-215-4342, email, leave a comment card or talk to the supervisor on deck. Thank you for your support!