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Cha Yang

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Personal Training: Level 1




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Fitness Philosophy

“Healthy living is a lifestyle, not a part-time job. We all know this journey involves temporary pain, but I guarantee you success at the end of pain.”


  • B.S. Kinesiology, Concordia University
  • Personal Training Degree, Saint Paul College
  • NCSF Certified Personal Trainer


  • 5 years personal training experience
  • Training and program design for youth
  • Post-injury training

Areas of Expertise

  • Sport-Specific
  • Functional Training
  • Stability/Core Workouts
  • Marathon Training (Beginners)
  • Special Population
  • Stretching


  • YWCA Downtown
  • YWCA Uptown

Learn More About Cha

My current favorite workout is plyometrics and agility training (it used to be dancing but these old bones of mine can’t handle the stress anymore). I love plyo and speed training because it increases my heart rate and the intensity pushes me to better myself as an athlete.

What do you consider your greatest fitness accomplishment?
My greatest fitness accomplishment was going from 250 lbs to my current weight (150 lbs) after years of hard work, dedication, motivation from the Nike logo, and a picture of my celebrity crush…Jessica Alba.

What is your biggest athletic goal?
My biggest athletic goal is to run faster and jump higher. Becoming a better athlete is essential.

What is your biggest goal outside of the gym?
I aspire to achieve higher levels of education and use my acquired skills to assist and educate the community. Traveling around the world would be an added bonus!

What do you do on your rest days?
What’s a rest day? Is there such a thing? Oh, wait there is! On my lazy days, I enjoy playing basketball, writing music, wasting my time watching countless hours of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and then tweeting about it.

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