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Tim Youtz

Contact Info:


Training Level:

Personal Training: Level 1

Fitness Philosophy

“Wellness of the mind is inseparable from wellness of the body. We are animals that evolved to move around and manipulate our environment. When we lose sight of that, everything about life becomes harder.”


  • YWCA Uptown


  • B.A. Economics, Grinnell College
  • Beachbody Insanity Certified
  • NASM Certified Personal Traine


  • Insanity Instructor
  • Strength Training
  • Varsity Swimming

Areas of Expertise

  • Bodyweight Fitness
  • First-Time Exercisers
  • Circuit Training

Learn More About Tim

What is your favorite workout and why?
In the gym: Circuit training with bodyweight, obstacles and dumbbells followed by a full round of stretching always leaves me feeling accomplished and physically fit.

Outside of the gym: Biking, rock climbing, windsurfing, kayaking and hiking…all things outdoors. I train to feel good and be prepared to do fun things in the world!

What do you consider your greatest fitness accomplishment?
Learning and transitioning from a mostly inactive and obese person to a personal trainer at a healthy fitness range. This process took a great deal of work over the course of a decade with the help of countless friends along the way. I hope that my experience can help others who are going through this process.

What is your biggest athletic goal?
My goal is to alter my body composition to achieve an athletic body fat percentage.

What is your biggest goal outside of the gym?
I’m in the process of starting a data solutions and visualization consulting company that I’m working to make successful every single day.

What do you do on your rest days?
Outside of work, I spend my time cooking tasty food, playing saxophone, biking around the city and working on my startup.

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