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Yolanda Womack

Contact Info:


Training Level:

Personal Training: Level 3

Fitness Philosophy

“I believe exercise should make the activities of daily living easier and safer, improve overall health, maximize efficiency of the body’s physiological and spiritual systems, and most importantly, exercise should be fun. Focus more on being infinitely fit rather than short-term weight loss.”


  • YWCA Midtown


  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer
  • TRX Certified
  • B.S., Kinesiology, University of Minnesota


  • YWCA Youth Running Coach
  • Rugby
  • Basketball

Areas of Expertise

  • Beginners/inexperienced
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Weight Management
  • Rugby and Basketball
  • Kettlebell

Learn More About Yolanda

What is your favorite workout and why?
My favorite workout is any Kettlebell workout. I enjoy working with Kettlebells because it gets my heart pumping and makes biking and running easier.

What do you consider your greatest fitness accomplishment?
I’ve participated in and enjoyed many fitness events and challenges that were amazing and great. I don’t know if I can call any of them my “greatest” fitness accomplishment.

What is your biggest athletic goal?
My biggest athletic goal is to become a proficient swimmer again. I stopped swimming after high school and developed a mild case of aquaphobia (fear of drowning). I’ve retrained my brain and have been taking lessons and feel more comfortable in the water. Who knows, a triathlon may be in my future.

What is your biggest goal outside of the gym?
My current goals outside of the gym are to work with Kryptonite on a project and with a colleague on a 501(c)(3).

What do you do on your rest days?
On my rest days, I like to do a variety of things such as: biking around the city, hiking, photography, playing the guitar, chess, taking quick trips, gardening, reading, book clubbing, Kettlebell’ing, watching old episodes of The Walking Dead, House of Cards, Scandal, Game of Thrones etc. I don’t own a television, so I watch online.

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