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Diapers for Days!

By YWCA Minneapolis
May 17, 2023
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Our community partner, Diaper Bank of Minnesota, is an organization that provides diapers to families in need. They also work to increase awareness of the need for diapers for families and advocates for better conditions for babies in need of diapers. In 2022 the Diaper Bank donated 35,000 diapers to our YWCA Minneapolis Early Childhood Education centers. This donation was able to help over 75 of our families in need.

Reducing the Financial Burden on Families

The Diaper Bank was able to help many of our families, during their times of need by reducing the burden that the cost of diapers puts on families. By providing one of the families with diapers, they were also able to restore their hope and make them feel welcome. One of our Early Childhood Education families had to flee from their war-torn country and leave all their belongings behind. When they received the diapers, they had tears of joy and were so thankful that someone was trying to help them.

“Since I did not have to buy diapers for my youngest child, I was able to buy my older child a new pair of shoes that would fit him.” — Diaper Bank recipient

Another mother expressed gratitude for the diapers, which offset other essential costs of living.

“I needed gas money to get to work, and getting diapers allowed me to use the money for gas instead of diapers.” — Mother of a Diaper Bank recipient

Families Empowered!

These are just a few of the stories of families that the Diaper Bank has made an impact on. Thanks to their generosity, we will continue receiving diapers from the Diaper Bank throughout this year, and we look forward to being able to help many more of our families.

If you would like to help this organization to help other families in need you can donate diapers/wipes, volunteer your time helping to count and sort diapers, or host a diaper drive.

Volunteer with Diaper Bank of Minnesota

Learn more about Diaper Bank