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Girls Inc. Eureka! Program

Eureka! Program

Girls Inc. Eureka! is a five-year summer and school-year program for girls interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) fields. In partnership with the College of Science and Engineering at the University of Minnesota, the Eureka! program builds sisterhood with girls from all over the Twin Cities — exploring their career interests and dreams while supporting them through high school graduation and preparing them for the next steps in their post-secondary education.

The Eureka! program is held during the summer at the University of Minnesota and offers enrichment activities monthly during the school year at YWCA Midtown. Eureka! girls benefit from hands-on exposure to new career prospects — as well as positive adult role models in STEM and other non-traditional fields. This program is the perfect opportunity to help young women nurture their interest in STEM fields and thrive academically.

Enrollment for this program is now closed. For more information on Girls Inc. Eureka! and how you can participate, contact Girls Inc. at 612-215-4369 or

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Eureka! Internship Sponsor Program

Your Opportunity to Inspire a Young Person

When you partner with YWCA Minneapolis Girls Inc. Eureka! program as an internship sponsor, you belong to a community-wide effort to bridge the gender and racial equity gaps in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) while providing youth exposure to real career opportunities and positive adult role models.

As an internship sponsor you:

  • Provide relevant work experience with realistic, challenging projects
  • Create a supportive and educational work environment
  • Gain new perspectives from young people
  • Provide supervising opportunities for your team
  • Offer 20 hours of remote or in-person work experience per week for 4 weeks during the summer
  • Support the internship program with a tax-deductible donation to YWCA Minneapolis Girls Inc.
  • Advance gender equality in STEM
  • Mentor and advocate for Eureka! participants

Frequently Asked Questions

What training and skills do Eureka! interns have?

Prior to starting the internship, each Eureka! intern will participate in a series of required job skills workshops covering professionalism, business etiquette, written, verbal and non-verbal communication, and time management. In addition, interns will be exposed to various sessions throughout the school year focused on career readiness to support their training before the internship. Many interns will have basic exposure to Microsoft Office programs and PC or Mac computers. For internships that require a more skilled intern, we’ll select a participant who has the ability to learn the skills quickly.

What type of work is appropriate?

Interns should be given a variety of responsibilities as well as the opportunity to ask questions. Shadowing staff, completing small projects, computer work and attending meetings can all be a part of the intern’s experience. Sponsors are not expected to provide 20 hours of face-to-face time with staff, but can instead provide a mix of face time and asynchronous activities or projects for interns to complete. As workplaces often contain sensitive or confidential information, our interns are trained on confidentiality and workplace ethics and are expected to exhibit a high level of maturity on the job.

May we change the intern’s work schedule to better fit our office schedule?

Interns work 5 hours/day, Monday – Thursday. Hours can be adjusted to fit the schedule of each workplace (as long as they are between the hours of 8:00 am and 6:00 pm), but the days are firm because the interns participate in other activities on Fridays.

Who are internship sponsors?

Internship sponsors coordinate an internship placement at their place of business. It is important for sponsors to model appropriate behavior and provide support and guidance in the professional arena. Because interns are learning professionalism and other skills, compassion and patience with young people are also necessary traits of an internship sponsor.

What support or assistance is provided by YWCA Minneapolis Girls Inc. during the summer?

YWCA Minneapolis Girls Inc. Eureka! provides an Internship Sponsor Orientation for those sponsoring an intern at their workplace. This is an opportunity for sponsors to meet YWCA Minneapolis staff, troubleshoot potential issues and share best practices and ideas on how to make the internship successful for everyone. Staff are available during regular work hours Monday – Friday to answer questions and help with challenges if they arise. Additionally, a staff member will visit the internship sponsor site weekly to provide professional development for the intern and ensure internship satisfaction and performance.

What does the sponsor site’s tax-deductible donation cover?

The tax-deductible donation to YWCA Minneapolis Girls Inc. supports the Eureka! Internship Program by covering intern stipends and other program costs. Upon completion of their internship, interns receive a stipend from YWCA Minneapolis Girls Inc. to honor their hard work and dedication over the summer. By receiving the stipend from Girls Inc., interns are not paid by their internship sites and are therefore considered volunteers, thus eliminating the need to be enrolled through Human Resources. The tax-deductible donation also supports program costs to prepare interns and sponsor sites prior to and during the internship. This includes an orientation and ongoing support for sponsor sites, a one-week job readiness boot camp for interns prior to the internship and weekly professional development support and supervision for interns throughout their internship.

What is the internship site and sponsor’s liability?

Interns and their parents sign liability, medical and media releases in order to participate in the program. These releases exempt internship sponsor sites from liability. The internship sponsor site and YWCA Minneapolis Girls Inc. sign a Memorandum of Understanding that outlines the agreement between both organizations.

For more information, contact Eureka! Internship Program at

Eureka! Internship Sponsor Information Form

  • Internship Position Description

  • Schedule

    Predicted schedule for 4 weeks of internship (20 - 25 hours a week, ideally 5 hours/day, Monday - Thursday)