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Inc.lude™ Diversity & Inclusion Consulting

Inequity in the workplace doesn't work.

At YWCA Minneapolis, we help organizations of all kinds — business, government and nonprofit — transform performance through the power of inclusion. Inclusivity is the bedrock of any successful workplace, and is a guiding principle that nurtures understanding, opportunity and harmony between employees. By appreciating the differences and commonalities of its people, your team can create a more productive, innovative and positive work environment that drives better business results.

Our Inc.lude™ Diversity and Inclusion Consulting empowers your business to build more inclusive and productive workplaces for all your employees. Through diversity, equity and inclusion training programs, we work with you to help improve employee dynamics — delivering improvements to your bottom line in the process. Making a Difference. That’s the Difference.™

Transform Performance Through the Power of Inclusion

At YWCA Minneapolis, we help organizations of all kinds — business, government and nonprofit — transform performance through the power of inclusion. By exploring how to make institutional practices and policies more inclusive, your organization can amplify the power of every person to achieve your team’s greatest potential.

Our goal is to help your employees acknowledge and break down biases that inhibit cooperation and connection through a tailored selection of training and educational resources. By helping your team members recognize and respect the characteristics that divide them, you strengthen inclusivity across your organization — and pave the way toward better business outcomes and a better world.

Tailored Inclusion Training for Your Organization

Through our free initial consultation, we can help your business uncover key insights into the status of inclusivity and diversity within your organization. If we identify areas in need of improvement, we collaborate with you to create a strategic training solution that meets your team’s unique needs.

We tailor our Inc.lude consulting to your organizational goals in the complex arena of diversity, equity and inclusion. From individual intercultural courses to enterprise-wide disability equality strategy, we work hand in hand with your team to affect positive cultural and behavioral changes to create a connected, inclusive and productive workplace for everyone.

Create a More Equitable Workplace

Together, you and your YWCA diversity and inclusion consultant can craft a custom solution to achieve your organization's diversity and inclusion goals, whether those include simple assessments or the development of new inclusivity initiatives. To give you a better idea of how we can support your business, here are three consulting categories we specialize in:


It’s difficult to assess the impact that inequity and prejudices have on your business, which is why we provide a variety of in-depth inclusivity assessments — including the Qualified Intercultural Development Inventory® (IDI). These powerful tools give you access to critical information on the status of diversity and inclusion at your organization, as well as potential next steps when creating solutions.

Learn More About IDI

Consultation & Transformation

Once we understand the scope of the inclusivity challenges your team faces, we can assist you with developing customized strategic plans and curriculums to address and break through those barriers. Come to us for counsel on the most cost-effective way to transform your business culture and policies to encourage diversity, equality and cooperation.

Training & Development

With a strategic, data-driven plan in place, your Inc.lude consultant can help you seamlessly incorporate new diversity and inclusion initiatives into your workplace. We specialize in creating intuitive techniques to keep employees actively engaged and on-board during the process of business changes. Your diversity and inclusion consultant will empower employees with the knowledge and skills they need to come together and connect with every member of your team.

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Build a More Inclusive & Efficient Workplace Today

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