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YWCA Graduates Third Class of Eurekans!

By YWCA Minneapolis
July 13, 2022
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In the fall of 2017, a cohort of promising Eurekans came to us as 8th graders. Then, high school graduation seemed ages away. But it went fast. Today, they are our newest alums, representing our third class of YWCA Minneapolis Eurekans! Although the years were challenging, they persevered, gained experience and exceeded goals by taking on studies in STEM, tackling college-level coursework — at the University of Minnesota College of Science and Engineering (no less) and mastering college-essay writing in boot camp at the University of St. Thomas.

Strong, Smart, Bold

Clearing obstacles in a strong, smart and bold fashion is what Eurekans! do. This summer, our 13 graduates — Bridget, Mushtaq, Rowan, Allison, Gwendolyn, Carmen, Zaraia, Ahreum, Amina, Jijee, Helen, Diadou and Ayaan — reflect on what they’ve accomplished, and how Eureka! has set them up for continued success.

“I interned at Minnesota Public Radio and discovered my passion for journalism and media. I then went on to be the youngest news reporter at the university where I’m taking college classes and I also became involved in ThreeSixtyJournalism at the University of St. Thomas (a program that I discovered through Eureka!) “- Allison

“I wrote an article about period poverty that got attention from a state legislature and spoke out about it!”- Amina

Amina’s article also captured the attention of MPR, where reporters featured her journalistic efforts about period poverty.

“My involvement in Eureka! has exposed me to many different areas of the STEM field, and shown me that STEM is fun.” – Gwen

Ahreum is looking forward to studying Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management.

Amina is going to study Biology.

While some of our graduates are not choosing to pursue studies or careers in STEM, they all have increased their knowledge and respect for STEM careers.

For our part, YWCA Minneapolis will continue to stay engaged with our graduates, supporting our alumna through their collegiate journeys.  At the same time, Eureka! will continue applying mentorship, general support and continued connection to future Eurekans who will inherit the benefit of their successes.

Congratulations, Class of 2022!

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