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More than Just a Number: The Benefits of a Styku Body Assessment

By Chloe Shovein, YWCA Uptown Fitness Coordinator
September 28, 2018
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In this Q&A, Chloe Shovein, YWCA Uptown Fitness Coordinator, answers some common questions about the new body assessment tool, Styku, and demystifies the process for members who have considered giving it a try. Read on to learn more about Styku!

What is Styku? What does it measure?

Styku uses 3D body scanning technology to measure body data and composition. By digitally measuring circumferences like hip, thigh, waist and bust, members can see where they are gaining muscle over time and how their body is changing with their fitness routine.

How does Styku fit into a YWCA member’s overall fitness goals?

Styku is an incredible tool because it gets you away from simply looking at the number on the scale. If your goals are strength building or fat burning, Styku can help motivate you and help you visualize the difference over time. It can be an emotional experience to see images of how your body is changing when you work hard and stay consistent, and we love how it makes your fitness about more than a just number!

How often should I receive a Styku assessment?

With repeated assessments, members can monitor changes in their body shape and dimensions over time, seeing the results of their fitness routines and nutrition choices. Depending on your goals, we recommend doing a Styku assessment every 6-8 weeks with your trainer.

Are my Styku scans private?

At all three YWCA fitness locations, Styku scanners are in private spaces. You also have the option to have the trainer step out of the room while you scan for increased privacy during the actual scanning process (which takes under a minute).

How do I get started?

Members may purchase a Styku assessment at any time for $20, which includes a consultation with a personal trainer.

Styku assessments are also included as a part of any personal training package that is purchased, and new members get one free scan when they join!

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