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Anti-Bias Curriculum

Our curriculum incorporates anti-bias values

Our curriculum incorporates anti-bias values and conflict resolution skills that equip children for success. Beginning with their own experiences, children gradually understand, accept and celebrate the diversity of people through play on a daily basis. YWCA Minneapolis promotes understanding within the classroom through dramatic play, stories, puppets and group discussions.

Anti-Bias Curriculum Framework

Our anti-bias curriculum is guided by the following objectives:

  • The environment will reflect the culture of the families
  • Learning experiences will reinforce positive self-esteem and self-concept
  • Learning experiences will support and facilitate growth and development in all areas, including:
    • Cognitive
    • Language
    • Social
    • Emotional
    • Physical

Physically and Emotionally Safe Space for All

The learning environment is a physically and emotionally safe space for all children and their families. Families are considered partners with caregivers in the care and education of their child. Children’s thoughts, ideas, and feelings are acknowledged and attended to by caregivers.

All Languages Supported

Literacy is the foundation of all learning and integrated into all learning experiences and play. All languages are supported and enhanced.