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YWCA provides a range of free in person and virtual yoga classes and paid private and semi-private yoga instruction ranging from entry-level to advanced.

Elevate your mind, mood and body through lessons focused on yoga and other simple physical movements.

Focus on moving your body with attention to the breath allowing greater relaxation, restoration and renewal. Classes are designed to create a feeling of steadiness, comfort and ease throughout body, breath and mind.

Our Yoga Instructors Can Help

YWCA Minneapolis has several yoga instructors ready to assist you in achieving your fitness goals.

First-Time Training Package Offer

New to personal training?

Try it out with the special first-time training (Personal Training or Yoga Training) introductory package:
four 55-minute sessions for just $199!

Use the scheduling buttons below, stop by the Member Services Desk or call to schedule a session:

  • YWCA Downtown: 612-215-4125
  • YWCA Midtown: 612-215-4331
  • YWCA Uptown: 612-215-4202

Private and Semi-Private Yoga Instruction

Our certified yoga instructors will work with you to build your practice whether you want to improve mindfulness, strengthen a pose, focus on alignment unique to your body or experience the relaxation and renewal of restorative yoga.

Virtual Private and Semi-Private Yoga Instruction

Work with one of our certified yoga instructors from the comfort of your own home via video conference. Our 45-minute one-on-one virtual yoga sessions cost $50. When you train with a friend or housemate, 45-minute semi-private sessions cost $30 per person (up to three people).

Our Trainers

Jana Huffman

Dallas Rising

55-Minute Private Yoga Rates

Member Rates

1 Session: $72
4 Session: $248
8 Session: $462

Nonmember Rates

1 Session: $89
4 Session: $309
8 Session: $578

55-Minute Semi-Private Yoga Rates

Member Rates

8 Session: $248

Nonmember Rates

8 Session: $309

All services are non-refundable and non-transferable.
All in person services expire 90 days from date of purchase. All virtual services expire 30 days from date.
All services require a 24-hour cancelation notice. Individuals who cancel within 24 hours of their allotted time will be charged the service rate.

Free Group Fitness Yoga Classes

Gentle Flow Yoga

This class features slow-paced postures and attention to breath. Participants should feel comfortable being on hands and knees and getting up and down from the floor. As an entry-level class, this is a good place to learn poses and relaxation techniques, become comfortable with yoga or balance your fitness routine.

Intensity Level: 1

Hatha Yoga

In a Hatha class, a sequence of poses, breathwork and meditation are intentionally woven to revitalize the flow of energy in the body. Movements are often taken at a slower pace, though that does not necessarily mean they offer less challenge.

Intensity Level: 2

Restorative Yoga

Enjoy a practice that moves through a few poses, resting in each one supported by bolsters, blankets and other props. The physical body will experience the opening and softening effects, while the mind is nourished by time for conscious rest. Friendly to beginners and beneficial to those recovering from other training or simply the tasks of the week!

Intensity Level: 1

SilverSneakers® Yoga

This sneaker-friendly class begins seated in a chair to center and warm up the body. Participants are invited (though not required) to stand for a majority of class, with the option of chair support, to move through standing poses offering flexibility, balance and range of motion. To finish, class ends in a chair with seated poses and a final relaxation.

Intensity Level: 1

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa means breath-synchronized movement, and consists of strong, flowing breath-based movement. A regular yoga practice is encouraged, but not required.

Intensity Level: 2